Lexus Vegetable Biscuits Improved

Lexus Vegetable biscuits are smooth nutritious biscuit that is enriched with vegetable flakes. With great crisp and taste it ensures healthy snacking. The key Ingredients are selected from best manufacturer of the world which is top of the choice of all ages’ people.

The tin contains 30 mini sachets of Romania Lexus Cracker.

  • Pack Size: 240 gm
  • Pack Per Carton: 12 Packets
  • MRP: Tk. 100
  • Pack Size: 65 gm
  • Pack Per Carton: 24 Packets
  • MRP: Tk. 15
  • Pack Size: 700 gm
  • Pack Per Carton: 1 PC
  • MRP: Tk. 315